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Expanding Access to Quality Healthcare
    • Fight for universal healthcare coverage and resist Trump’s attempts to destroy  the Affordable Care Act
    • Advocate for a strong public option and other ways to strengthen the ACA
    • Support proposals, including a single-payer system, that expand everyone’s access to quality, affordable healthcare
    • Combat the opioid epidemic by increasing funding for intervention and recovery programs
    • Strengthen Medicare and Medicaid
    • Protect a woman’s right to choose, increase access to women’s healthcare, and support Planned Parenthood
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Building an Economy that Works for Everyone
    • Advance an economic agenda where everyone can earn a living wage and has the opportunity to get ahead
    • Fight for a $15 minimum wage
    • Promote small businesses entrepreneurship
    • Support equal pay for equal work
    • Recruit new businesses to areas in need of economic development
    • Make available affordable childcare and paid family leave
    • Create jobs by investing in our infrastructure and fixing roads, bridges, and public transit
    • Invest in proper job-skills training and pathways to prepare for upcoming changes in the labor market brought by new technology
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Investing in our Future
    • Promote universal, high-quality pre-k
    • Make college affordable and reduce student debt
    • Support a strong public education system
    • Focus on STEM education
Read Dan’s Education Plan
Defending American Values
    • Protect democratic norms, the integrity of our electoral system and the rule of law
    • Fight for gender equality and work to end sexual harassment
    • Champion equality and respect for all people, regardless of race, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religion.
    • Defend DACA and enact a comprehensive, fair, and inclusive immigration policy with a pathway to citizenship
    • Restore America’s leadership in the international community to promote peace and prevent nuclear proliferation and terrorism
    • Pass common-sense measures to prevent gun violence like an assault weapons ban and comprehensive background checks
    • Enact comprehensive campaign finance reform and expand voting rights
Keeping our Promises
    • Protect Social Security for seniors
    • Fix VA healthcare and assist veterans re-entering the workforce
    • Support families of servicewomen and men deployed overseas
Read Dan’s Veterans Plan
Protecting our Environment
    • Cut greenhouse gas emissions and assert America’s commitment to combat climate change
    • Support development of renewable energy
    • Prepare communities for the impacts of climate change
Read Dan’s Plan to take action on climate change
Read Dan’s Animal Welfare Plan
Making Government Work Better
    • Use new technology to make government more responsive, ensure taxpayer dollars go further, and serve constituents better
    • Use data-driven approaches to hold government accountable
    • Bring people together to get stuff done and fight for our shared values