A New Year’s Letter to President Trump

2018-01-02T21:51:30+00:00 January 2nd, 2018|Medium Post|

Dear President Trump,

The end of each year is a time for reflection. It’s a time to learn from our mistakes and celebrate our victories. And it’s a time to look ahead toward the promise of a new year.

It’s also a time to make our resolutions for the year ahead. So in that spirit, I am asking you to consider making a New Year’s Resolution:

Tweet less, and listen more.

Listen not just to those who support you, but as President of the entire United States, listen to everyone who is hopeful for a more promising 2018.

Listen to those families who want to share in the American Dream. Over 100 years ago, that was my family. They sat in a village in Lebanon and on an island off the coast of Korea, wondering if they should take the risk of their lives. They couldn’t have looked more different, nor spoken more different languages. But they shared one thing in common: they believed deeply in the American Dream. That if you worked hard and played by the rules, in America, you could leave a better life for your kids.

And so they took that risk. They came to Lawrence, Massachusetts — serving in the military, becoming millworkers, doctors, and dedicated members of their community. And as a result, their Korean-Lebanese grandson has a chance to be the Congressman from his hometown district.

My story is the American Dream story. It’s not unique. It’s what fuels this country. Listen to the families trying to keep that dream alive.

Listen to the families all across this great country who desperately need access to quality, affordable health care. Listen to the mother who worries her child with a preexisting condition will never be able to find insurance or the senior who worries about how she’ll pay for her long-term care without Medicaid benefits. These are real people you are hurting by trying to kill the Affordable Care Act. I come from a family of healthcare professionals and was raised knowing the importance of access to quality care. And yet, ever since you were elected, you’ve tried to make it harder and more costly for people to access health care services.

I know you listen to your friends who’ve said your tax bill is great for their profits. But in 2018, resolve to listen to the millions of families all across the country who actually need true sustained tax relief. People aren’t asking for handouts, but they are asking for a government that understands their challenges. There are people in my district working two or three jobs who still have to choose between paying for electricity and childcare. People who are worried about funding their children’s education and about losing their job to automation or artificial intelligence. This isn’t science fiction — it’s real. Present a vision for the future of the labor force that provides for real middle-class jobs. Put forward the infrastructure plan you say is coming, and work with both parties to get it done. We need to unlock the economic potential of America by actually providing the infrastructure necessary to create the jobs of tomorrow.

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